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I'm Isobel, a freelance designer, illustrator, and maker based in Manchester, UK. Playing with colour, shape, and form, I like to adopt a hands-on approach to design to deliver playful, beautifully crafted outcomes.


I divide my time between design projects for clients from a range of industries and disciplines and my own creative practice. I also teach Graphic Design at Manchester School of Art and co-host Small Fry Collective, where we run creative events across the city and beyond.


I'm a big fan of good food, funky tunes, and finding silliness in the everyday. 

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June 2017  |  Creative Review: Gradwatch 2017


August 2017  |  Cover feature artist in Doncopolitan magazine







April 2017  |  Institute of Urban Dreaming: Tate Exchange Liverpool

Feb 2019 | Toil: Grovenor Gallery, Manchester School of Art