Scratched Cards


Let's play! Odds are you'll have fun, somebody's gotta win - it may as well be you, your ticket to dream, winners happen, just imagine, today could be the day, luck is right in front of you, PLAY! ... Better luck next time. Feeling lucky?

‘Scratched Cards’ is a satirical project exploring the hopelessness of redundant scratch cards. The machine houses a reel of collected, discarded, ‘scratched’ cards, once worth a potential fortune, now just

worthless rubbish.


Front with all scratch cards.jpg
Type and scratch card Close up.jpg
Side view landscape.jpg
Are you a winner_ Straight On.jpg
Scatch card close up.jpg


Exhibited, Feb 2019 as part of the 'Toil' showcase in Grosvenor Gallery, Manchester School of Art. 

Photography by Darcy Jamison